Arctic Express Sculpture Contest

Sunday, December 5

12:00-4:00 pm

at ECM’s new Nickel Plate Station


We invite you to participate in the Arctic Express Sculpture Contest, an Arctic-themed recycled and reused art contest. Submissions will be accepted from student groups, ages 14 and under. Groups should work together to decide what they’d like to create related to the Arctic (animals, glaciers, igloos, etc) and construct it with recycled and reused materials. 

The sculpture needs to be created in your own space and transported to the museum on the morning of the event, Sunday, December 5th. Please keep this in mind with your construction and design choices.

You will need to begin collecting used materials, and we are happy to support this effort. ECM will serve as a collection site. We will post recycled and reused materials requests on social media for the items you need for your project.

These sculptures will be displayed outside during the Arctic Express event at the Edwardsville Children’s Museum. See our event page for details:  Please make sure your sculpture is securely constructed.

We will place the sculptures along the pathway from the Children’s Museum to the Nickel Plate Station, so guests can enjoy your art while sipping coffee and cocoa on their walk between locations.

Contest Criteria: 

    • Entry Form due 11/5/21. Information from the entry form will be used for a sign that will be printed and displayed next to your sculpture.
    • Must fit on a 5 by 5 foot square and/or 3 feet tall
    • Constructed from 100% recycled materials (outside of adhesives)
  • Participants must be ages 14 or under
  • Three winners will be awarded based on the contest criteria (judged by Edwardsville Art Center): 
  1. Uniqueness/Originality
  2. Neatness and Craft
  3. Quantity of recycled/reused materials
  4. Aesthetic quality

Payments will be made directly to the club.

Arctic Express Sculpture Contest Entry Form

2-3 sentences
1 paragraph