Age of Wonder Birthday Parties – Members

From: $225.00

Our affordable Birthday Party Packages create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Our friendly Birthday Party Hosts make the party a breeze for you as they set up, serve refreshments, and make sure you and your guests enjoy the party!

Birthday Party Package $225
-Includes 15 children, one adult required for every five children. (There is a $5 fee for each child over 15 with a limit of 25 children.)
-T-shirt for the birthday child
-2 hours in the museum, our staff help set up and clean up, we provide tables, chairs, and table coverings. All parties are held when the museum is closed to the public so your party is a private event.

*$50 deposit is required to book your party

Available party add-ons
-Face Painting: $15 for all child attendees
ECM Cups: $15 for all child attendees
-ECM Pencils: $5 for all child attendees
-ECM Bracelets: $10 for all child attendees



Birthday Party FAQs:

1. I have more than 15 children coming to celebrate. How does that work?
There is an additional charge of $5 per child over the 15 included with the party package. We can accommodate a maximum of 25 children for your party.


2. What ages is considered a child? 
For birthday parties, we consider the headcount of children to be anyone ages 1-12.


3. Can I bring in outside food and drinks?
Absolutely! Families are in charge of providing refreshments to their guests if they wish to do so. We do not allow alcohol or ice cream. Families may bring in coolers to keep drinks and perishable food cold.


4. Do you decorate the museum for us?
We provide table coverings in your choice of color. If you wish to bring in outside decorations, you may do so and staff will happily assist you with setting them up. Due to our high ceilings and consideration for the safety of our guests and exhibits, we do not allow pinatas.


5. When can I arrive to set up?
Families may arrive no more than 20 minutes prior to the start of the party to set up. Staff are happy to assist with unloading your vehicle and helping place food and decorations. At the end of the party, families have 20 minutes to load up items. Again, staff are happy to assist with that process.


6. Will the Discovery Garden be open for my party?
Staff will open outdoor exhibits for you and your guests as weather permits.


7. Can I bring an outside vendor to the museum as part of the party?
The Edwardsville Children’s Museum has many exciting exhibits for your guests. We are confident that you will have plenty to explore and stay busy in the two hour timeframe of your party. In the event that you would like to bring in an outside vendor or company to park on our property or come inside, prior approval will need to be obtained by the Director.


8. Are you handicap accessible? 
The entire main floor of the museum is wheelchair and stroller accessible. We have two accessible bathrooms on either end of the building. Guests with wheelchairs, strollers, or ambulatory difficult may enter or exit the building on the ramp in the back of the building.


9. With the party package, how many adults can attend?
As many as you would like! Our building capacity is 130. Adults do not pay separate for your party. We do require adult supervision in all of our exhibits for safety. Parties must have a minimum of one adult for every 5 children.

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