Participants will rotate through several timed LEGO building challenges, complete a LEGO robotics challenge and much, much more!



Age:  Kindergarten and Up (Drop off Program-bring a sack lunch)

Fee:  $40 members/$50 non-members

*Pre-registration required

Join us for a three day STEM intensive experience. Work through different challenges From Rube Goldberg Contraptions, Scribble Bots, Paper-Craft Circuits and Star Charts to LEDs and Salvage Bots.


7/21, 7/22, 7/23

Ages 2nd grade and up (drop off program)

Fee:  $30 members/$40 non-members

July:  Fool Your Nose and Eyes.  The sense of smell and sight play heavily into how our minds interact and interpret food.  Will you be fooled?


Ages Kindergarten and up

Individual classes:  $12 members/$18 non-members

*Pre-registration required

Step into the wizarding world!  Participants will be sorted and given a tee shirt of house colors to wear.  Get your wand and attend classes in: potions, quidditch, transfiguration, and so much more!  



Ages 2nd grade and up (drop off program)

Fee:  $25 members/$30 non-members

*Pre-registration required